Individual tarot Reading

in person or by phone

Tarot cards are the tool Megan uses to stimulate her psychic ability and to help a person find clarity in their life. The session is full of information and insights. Individuals are suggested to record their readings and take notes for future reflection. 



60 minutes. $150

90 minutes. $200


tarot readings for 2-3 people

share the experience

Bond with a friend or two during a shared session. Each person receives their own reading, and can help deepen their friend's experience with their own added insights. It’s recommended to record your readings, and take notes for each other.


45 minutes per guest. $100 each


tarot readings for 4-6 people

small group fun

It's a personal party when you and your friends share an enlightening experience. Readings are shorter, but still very fulfilling and insightful. It’s recommended to record your readings, and take notes for each other.


35 minutes per guest. $80 each


month by month

Intuitive hi-lights of the year to come, in a month by month outlook. Recording this session is necessary, and bring your notebook. You’ll want to write this down!

a year ahead


90 minutes. $250


entertainment & enlightenment

Add laughs and depth of conversation to your event, no matter what the size. Guests will find the evening memorable as they walk away with new perspectives into their own lives. Included in the fee, Megan can dress in costume and provide the necessities to stage herself. 2 Hour minimum followed by time billable by the half hour. Please email, call, or text her directly to schedule.

parties & events


2 hours minimum $400. additional hours $200

peak seasons effective October 11-31 & December 6-31

peak season rates: 2 hour minimum $500. additional hours $200


wellness & beyond

BASE, Body and Soul Enlightenment, is a form of “healing” that creates balance in the chakras energetically. Clients lay fully dressed on a massage table while they fall into a deeply restful, ethereal, state of consciousness. Great to receive pre- and post-surgery, during life’s challenges, or for any transition. It is also beneficial for those suffering from PTSD, traumas, or losses. One can always benefit from CEW, even when life is perfect!

body & Soul enlightenment


60 minutes. $150