Tarot Dallas

established in 2000

Megan Benanti began her official psychic journey in 2000. In a moment of intuitive clarity, Megan knew that her unborn child would soon die. The awareness proved true, a mere 5 days later. She has since been able to recognize and accept the messages of the Universe  as they are revealed to her.

Soon after this life changing event, Megan began to immerse herself in a variety of psychic studies, groups, and classes. She focused primarily on the art of reading the Tarot, a path that was unveiled to her during a visit to another reader. As her intuition and talents have manifested and grown, she has delved into the healing practice of Blue Lotus Heart Chi Gong, a beautiful and restorative way of balancing the chakras. She has also developed her gift in mediumship, which brings great healing to those that have lost a loved one.

In 2018, Megan and co-host, Michelle Welch, ventured into an intuitive podcast and YouTube channel called 3rd Eye Thinkers. The show is designed to explore all ideas pertaining to the intuitive mind, and give complimentary readings. 3rd Eye Thinkers is videoed live every Wednesday at 4:00PM Central time at RNCN in Dallas, TX.

By helping others, Megan is doing her life's work. She is committed to working with individuals to connect with their Higher Self. She shares clarity and understanding with her clients by helping them recognize what is already within themselves. She speaks with nurturing kindness, directness, and deep compassion to aid each individual on their divine life path towards enlightenment.