Q & A


What can i expect in my reading

Megan starts with your birth cards, and then reads a ten card spread that looks at past, present, and future. Her efforts are to help you align your life situation with your goals. She reads from a wholistic approach, supporting your innate gift to take control of your life. She is honest and direct, and also very clear on her intention of reading for your highest and greatest good. This results in the client leaving empowered with knowledge and self- awareness.

Sometimes, challenging information comes to the forefront, to be evaluated. These painful moments often lead a person to a shift in their beliefs that will help them better understand themselves. This knowledge can be unsettling in the moment, but will lead to long term fulfillment.

If there is time after the ten card spread, Megan will go over other questions that the client might have.


How do I prepare for a reading

Come with an open mind and an open heart! A psychic reading can truly bloom if the client is genuinely open to being read. It can be helpful to write down what you’d like to resolve in advance. You don’t need to share the information, it just helps to align your thoughts, so you know what you want when you start the reading. Feel free to take a few moments to pray for clarity and guidance before entering your session, or do so while Megan prays at the beginning.


Definitely! It’s necessary to record your reading, because it’s a lot of information to take in. Please make sure you have an app available in advance. Phone readings require an app that can record calls, which will be different technology than the audio recording app used in person. Please select the one that suits your session.

can i record my reading


can i bring a friend for support


Absolutely! There are no issues with having a guest join you during your time at Tarot Dallas. In fact, they will likely be put to work taking notes for you, so you may indulge yourself in listening.